We are now in the year 2022, coming from the year 2021 when the world’s supply chain…broke! We went from having EVERYTHING at our disposable to aggressively searching for common everyday household items that we have NEVER had issues locating.

Now just think, if our everyday lives were affected take an objective look at restaurants and catering establishments and how difficult it was sometimes to just provide basic menu items without a struggle. Commerce is moving but just at a slower pace than what we are accustomed to, however, here is some good news… do you remember Burger King’s tagline “have it your way” and you can still have it your way! How?

Glad you asked! Simply by proper advanced planning and having a realistic budget put into place. The days of champagne tastes on soda budgets are long gone, especially since the pandemic of 2020 is very much alive and well in 2022. Events in which you would like food catered can no longer be an afterthought, it will require that you select and solidify a date that is as far in advanced as possible, choosing the correct venue that will allow you to select your own caterer and accepting that while it would be GREAT for your guest to experience “Steak Tartare” your budget will only allow you to select “Lemon Garlic Chicken.”

Trust me you and your guest will be thankful for all of the efforts put forth to simply provide them with a meal and shhhhhhh don’t tell them you “originally” wanted Steak Tartare but had to (in your mind…settle) for Lemon Garlic Chicken, it’s really good and they will love it! Though the supply “chains” have been broken for a minute you can STILL have it your way and host an awesome event!